Diverse Cases, Consistent Results

Here are just a few examples of cases we've resolved for our clients:



  • Weinbrandt v. Solana Capital Partners, Inc. Represented investor against venture capital fund in securities fraud case.  Despite many other earlier claims against fund, obtained judgment against fund and collected 100% of client’s claim, including interest and all attorney’s fees. 


  • Stronen et al. v. Torrey Pines Securities, Inc. Represented 6 investors against securities brokerage firm in breach of fiduciary duty case involving sales of publicly traded securities.  Resolved case through mediation and obtained significant recovery for all clients, including assignment of claims against other viable defendants. 


  • NMTN v. Deloitte & Touche. Represented the leading consolidator of ambulance companies in the United States against one of the largest accounting firms in the world in an improper auditing/breach of contract case.  Jury awarded verdict in excess of $10 million. After reversal on appeal, successfully opposed motion for summary judgment and positioned client for settlement.


  • Steiny & Company v. Morley Construction Company. Represented plaintiff/cross-defendant in multi-million dollar breach of contract/indemnity case. Persuaded trial judge to exclude all of defendants’ evidence, resulting in judgment for 100% of client’s claim.  Successfully argued for over $276,000 in attorney’s fees.  Affirmed on appeal.


  • DotNetStorm LLC v. Cyth. Represented inventor of computer software program/company founder against investor entity seeking to take over company. Negotiated settlement agreement whereby investor entity relinquished all of its shares and company founder retained all company interests including 100% ownership of software. Subsequently negotiated sale of 30% of company interests to international software consulting and marketing firm.


  • WIR Holdings, LLC v. Navigators Insurance Company. Represented plaintiff property holding company against its liability insurer in bad faith denial of defense and indemnity case. Obtained a six-figure settlement on behalf of client as well as rights to seek further recovery from additional insurers. 


  • Nichols v. Hamilton Street Homeowners Association. Represented plaintiff homeowner against condominium association in breach of fiduciary duty case arising from water intrusion and mold. Obtained verdict in plaintiff’s favor, recovered damages and attorney’s fees, and complete repair of condominium. 


  • Bartlett v. Morelock and First Horizon Home Loan Corporation. Retained to quiet title after fraudulent real estate deal resulted in cloud on plaintiff’s title. Successfully negotiated settlement which cleared title and obtained new property boundaries increasing the size of plaintiff’s property.


  • Pulaski v. City of Poway. Represented eye surgeon after trip and fall on City sidewalk left him unable to perform a certain specific type of surgery, while not affecting the remainder of his practice.  Settled with City prior to trial for an amount that compensated surgeon appropriately despite the lack of overall reduction in income.


  • Pyka v. Miller/C&C Development Group LLC. Represented property owner who had an undivided interest in property with another owner who caused multiple liens, both legitimate and fraudulent, to be recorded against property.  Obtained a judicial determination separating client’s interest in the property from the other owner, eliminating all liens previously attached to client’s portion of the property, and adjusting the boundaries of the property in client’s favor.


  • Scarinci v. Safeco. Retained by insured to handle property theft and damage claim after 4 years of delay and unsuccessful attempts to resolve the claim. Persuaded carrier to consider newly-presented evidence of damage and favorably resolved case for client at mediation.


  • Plaintiffs v. Attorney/CPA (Confidential). Represented plaintiffs in 9 cases against an attorney/CPA who caused hundreds of individuals to engage in tax shelter schemes that were audited and subsequently disallowed by the IRS.  Negotiated settlements on behalf of all clients prior to exhaustion of insurance funds.


  • United States of America ex rel. Whistleblower v. Defendants (Confidential). Represented whistleblower in False Claims Act action brought on behalf of the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force arising from defendants’ false billing in connection with a world-wide aircraft maintenance program. Case was filed and litigated under seal. Case resulted in a 7-figure settlement in favor of the United States Government.


  • Plaintiffs  v. Financial Planner (Confidential). Represented clients against financial planner who promoted a pension plan scheme considered an abusive tax shelter by the IRS. Obtained settlement on behalf of clients, despite lack of IRS action against clients and defendant’s experts’ opinion that no damages had been incurred.


  • Multiple Plaintiffs v. Multiple Insurance Companies. In several cases in San Diego and Los Angeles counties, represented and obtained settlements for hundreds of individuals against dozens of insurance companies in cases for improper handling and denials of wildfire-related insurance claims. Successfully persuaded insurance carriers to negotiate claims early in litigation, with settlements from most carriers achieved without any discovery or other burden on clients.


  • Slusser v. Turner Construction. Represented plaintiff who tripped and fell on a sidewalk in a construction area for the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego. Client suffered injuries including broken elbow and laceration on face after tripping on a raised plywood ramp that had been placed over the concrete sidewalk. Negotiated settlement favorable to client without trial or mediation.


  • Sheehy v. Belice, et al. Obtained judgment without trial against promoters of a real property development.  Negotiated settlement with single viable defendant, while other defendants filed for bankruptcy protection or went to prison.  Recovered majority of client’s investment along with interest and attorney’s fees.


  • Mary’s Tack & Feed v. VeriFone. Represented plaintiff against a world-wide provider of credit card processing software. Plaintiff alleged the defendant was responsible for improperly processing plaintiff’s transactions, resulting in thousands of dollars of overcharges. Significant recovery obtained on plaintiff’s behalf.


  • Kitchen v. Perry.  Client purchased real property which he leased to his girlfriend. Girlfriend later claimed the real property was purchased for her and that she was the rightful owner. Quiet title case filed by girlfriend was defeated by summary judgment motion, restoring clear title to client.


  • Acqua Werks v. Water Expressions. Retained to perfect and collect judgment obtained in arbitration. Negotiated payment plan with defendant’s principal even though defendant was out of business and principal filed personal bankruptcy.  Obtained all payments for client.


  • Providence Capital Realty Corp. v. Union League Holding, et al. Mistake at the Los Angeles County Recorder’s Office in 1981 caused cloud on title of client’s 7 parcels of land purchased from the State of California. Successfully guided case through government bureaucracy and court system to clear all titles for client.


  • Jennings v. Johnson (Interflex Group). Client corporation was sued by former shareholder/ex-wife of founder who asserted claims for 100% of corporate shares. Defended corporation and prevailed on all claims, resulting in founder retaining all shares and zero recovery for plaintiff.


  • Perez v. Surge Global Energy, Inc. Defended energy company against claims brought by former CEO.  Prevailed against largest law firm in the world in motion battle early in case, which resulted in client’s favorable position in settlement negotiations.


  • Nussbaum v. Capital Consulting Company. Represented plaintiff against limited liability company in which client had invested. Persuaded limited liability company to return client’s investment plus attorney’s fees.  Limited liability company subsequently went out of business, and other investors lost all of their investments.

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